Check out pictures from the 2014 National Conference held in Montreal here!
Uniting Business and Engineering

About NOBE

NOBE National is the National Chapter of the National Organization for Business and Engineering (NOBE), a national society uniting business, management and engineering organizations from universities coast to coast. NOBE strives to produce and refine leadership internally and develop professional skills in our members that can be translated into success in the business world.

Our Members

NOBE produces leaders. We offer students resources for professional development, corporate interaction, post-undergraduate and current-market education. The knowledge and experience gained through participating in and managing NOBE projects and events ensures our members' future success.

Recent NewsPast News

  • Excited for this upcoming school year! With almost an entire new national board we are ready to re-ignite and spread NOBE across the U.S. Not only will we be focusing on getting current chapters more connected, we will continue to look for opportunities to expand.
  • Continuing to impress and representing NOBE in the West - Congratulations to NOBE USC for winning Most Outstanding Student Organization 2012-2013 from the Marshall School of Business. NOBE USC won a total of 4 awards at this years banquet.