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National Executive Officers

Andrew QuinnPresident

The President is instrumental in managing and organizing the National Executive Board and the organization as a whole.

Alan BuckelVice President External

The Vice President External is responsible for creating new relations with various corporations as well as continuing existing ones with the hopes of providing the organization with a diverse array of companies and events.

Sara VictorVice President Internal

The Vice President Internal is in charge of maintaining an archive of NOBE chapters and National Organization activities. He/she is also responsible for maintaining alumni relations and sending the bi-annual national newsletter. The Vice President Internal also coordinates efforts between chapters and seeks to expand NOBE nationally.

Iva DengFinance Chair

The Finance Chair is in charge of the finances of the National Organization. He/she is responsible for collecting annual chapter dues and overseeing tax operations.

Lawrence ElitzerTechnology Chair

The Technology Chair is in charge of the national IT infrastructure supporting the NOBE website and the NOBE Stock Market Simulation Game. The Technology Director is also in charge of implementing new features developed my individual chapters into the national website architecture.